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April Updates

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

News from the April Steering Committee Meeting. Steering Committee meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of the month. RAICA members interested in joining the leadership team are welcome to participate; contact .

• Planning continues for the RAICA summit. We will prepare a survey to send out in order to validate and get feedback on planned topics for interest areas and break out sessions.

• We will consider some sort of webinar or communication to stay in touch and keep people informed on how they can find out about what RAICA is doing and continue to collaborate and share best practices.

• We have a summer intern (Anna Purtell) who will be our RAICA youth outreach coordinator. There will be at least one kickoff activity to raise awareness and engage young people this spring or summer so keep posted.

Like social media? We need someone to help us boost our Facebook and Twitter accounts. If interested, please contact us via the website at email us at .

Campaign updates

• Our community solar campaign is still going; it is a great way to bring more local solar projects online and you can save some money, too. For more information or to request a virtual info session at your house of worship click here

• Our Energy Efficiency 2020 challenge is a great way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home and/or house of worship. It is temporarily on hold due to the COVID19 crisis but we are taking names of interested team leaders, congregations or members. To get on our list of for more information click here

• Composting: several local houses of worship are composting on site and/or acting as household drop off locations. See our website and contact us by (click here on the campaign webpage) for more information. See our website and contact us by (click here on the campaign webpage) for more information.

• Our Electric Vehicle campaign is just getting going. We know of 3 houses of worship with EV charging stations, 1 in the process of installing some and 1 more interested. If you are interested or have information to share please reach out to us through our webpage.

• Our partners at Pachamama Alliance are proud to announce a new website to request the drawdown educational program at your house of worship. They even have an online version. Go to

• Congregations in Fairport, Penfield and Pittsford who wish to participate in RPCC’s Color Your Community Green feel free to use RAICA’s website for ideas. Jim Tappon is the liaison between RPCC and RAICA (

Contact us. To send an email for further information go to the home page and scroll to the bottom right.

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