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A Bit of Background

The Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action is a group of individuals and organizations of faith in the Rochester metropolitan area seeking to create a meaningful response to Climate Change.  In doing so we acknowledge our common conviction to care for the earth and its people.   Working together we seek to share resources, leverage our strengths and magnify our positive impact.

Upcoming Events
Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Summit 2- POSTPONED
Irondequoit United Church of Christ
Irondequoit United Church of Christ, 644 Titus Ave, Rochester, NY 14617, USA
Join us for a celebration of our common goal of global stewardship and a sustainable future as we come together to make meaningful impacts in our communities.

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Community Solar

Sourcing clean renewable energy like solar is one of the easiest and most meaningful actions that religious institutions and congregants can take to fight climate change.

Energy Efficiency 

Improving the energy efficiency of your House of Worship, Religious Institution of Household is a triple win- fighting climate change, saving money, improving health and comfort.

Composting Service

Composting food waste reduces the climate change impacts from food waste landfilling, returns nutrients and improves soil quality.

Electric Vehicles

Transportation is the emerging as the next major area of impact.  Helping your congregation find low impact ways to get to your house of worship and other destinations is a great way to make a difference.

Project Drawdown

Educational workshops to educate and empower people in individual and collective engagement to reverse climate change.


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