Energy Efficiency


Improving the energy efficiency of your House of Worship, Religious Institution of Household is a win-win! 

  • Electricity, Heating and Cooling make up about 48% of the NYS Greenhouse gas inventory (NYSERDA,2015).

  • Energy efficiency can lead to a 10%-30% reduction in annual energy bills.  Allowing financial resources to be used on other things.

  • Energy efficiency improvements are often linked to additional health, comfort, safety and maintenance benefits

To enroll in the challenge or get support for improving the Energy Efficiency of your Home or House of Worship email us with you name and House of Worship/Institution  

For Houses of Worship (HoW) or Institutions

Conducting and energy audit is a great first step

A special program available to provide low cost energy audits for small commercial and not-for profit establishments (like Houses of Worship) 

through NYSERDA 

Find more Info here

Other programs may be available to religious institutions that qualify as  small commercial businesses or multi-family housing.  Contact us for more information.

For households

A variety of programs exist for residential home efficiency:

NYSERDA- Sustainable Homes Rochester-

  • No-cost Energy Assessment

  • Heat pump systems incentives 

RG&E Residential Rebates

  • Rebates on qualifying furnaces, water heaters, wifi thermostats 

RG&E Appliance buy back-

  • Free pickup of your old unit(s)

  • $50* check for each qualifying refrigerator or freezer

  • $10 for a working room air conditioner picked up with your refrigerator or freezer

If you missed it, view the recent webinar on the RAICA Household Energy Efficiency 2020/21 Challenge here

What can be done to improve energy efficiency

 You can save money and energy, improve comfort and contribute to a cleaner community by making a few simple changes

  1. Get an energy audit from a NYSERDA approved contractor

  2.  Air sealing, insulate and effectively heat and cool your space

  3. Use energy efficient appliances and lighting 

  4. Shift to the use of electricity to take advantage of NYSs green electricity goals

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