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A Palm Sunday Message from Mother Earth by Marilyn Catherine, St. Monica's Church

My Dear People,


You might say for as long as I’ve been around, I’ve been God’s storyteller revealing how the Divine moves through death into new life.  Asteroids, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, changes in the makeup of the atmosphere, land masses, sea levels, climate, life forms…. mass extinctions.  😪   I have survived -and new life as always emerged- in surprising ways. 

I’m destined to survive for at least another 7 billion years.  I’m not the one who needs saving. It’s you I’m worried about. 


The environment that’s been a home for you, shaped and crafted over so many eons to suit you perfectly- it’s on the verge of a change that will spiral into catastrophic consequences, leading to immense human suffering and loss.  And this time the change is happening sooo fast- there’s little I can do to ameliorate it without your help. What we could do together if our relationship were different! I have so much I could still teach you if only you thought I was wise enough to listen to.  


I am being critical of the mess you’ve made but I’m not blaming you- that’s not my way, or our Creator’s either. What I want you to hear in my voice is the call of the prophets of your Scriptures saying: Repent- Turn around- Straighten out your relationships to me and all Creation, to each other, to God. Have you lost sight of who you are meant to be?  


I’ve watched you grow from a drop of water, a pinch of stardust, and the breath of the Holy One. The acts of valor, the acts of caring, the generosity, the love, the simple Goodness I’ve witnessed in you, time and time again, fill me with awe. It’s the Love in you that will lead us back from the brink. I know you can do it.


All creation has been loved into and for Sacred Being. You are part of a family of relationships.  And you have a special gift to offer- the gift of responsibility. You are able to choose what your response will be in the face of this crisis. So, as you reflect and pray this Holy Week, consider your gift of responsibility and the choices you make.

Take courage and hope from the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of your beloved Jesus.


With Love and Faith, your Mother Earth



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