Transportation is a big impact for Houses of Worship and Religious Institutions

  • Transportation is responsible for 36% of of NYS Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, making it the largest source of emissions (greater than heating or electricity)

  • Almost every congregation has a parking lot full of member vehicles and some Institutions have fleet vehicles

There are a lot of programs available to provide technical and financial assistance to Religious iInstitutions and Households 

Send us an email with your name and House of Worship to connect with our committee and get more information

Install EV charging stations

NY State is offering a variety of incentives check them out here

(If you are planning to redo a portion of your parking lot or have a way to tie into your facility's power without digging up pavement of sidewalk this may cover a large portion of the project cost.)

Buy and Electric Vehicle

Check out these incentives available at the state and federal level for the purchase of an Electric Vehicle NY Drive Clean

Alternative Transportation Ideas

  • No drive sabbath, lent or other challenges

  • Bike racks, bike share and bike routes

  • Carpools

  • Alternative bio-fuels (like biodiesel or renewable natural gas)

For more information on electric and alternative fuel vehicles, as well as information on local opportunities and events like test drives visit Greater Rochester Clean Cities