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Healthy Food

Food Waste Prevention


Did you know:

  • About 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted 

  • This costs the average family about $1600 a year

  • When food goes to waste, so does energy, water, chemicals and land resources

  • Much of food waste occurs at the consumer facing level (restaurants and institutions 40 % , households 43%)

  • Food waste is the single largest component in NY landfills ( 20-30% of our landfill waste ​)

  • Food in a landfill creates methane a powerful greenhouse gas (28-36X more powerful than CO2)

By increasing awareness and making simple behavioral changes, you and your house of worship can reduce food waste

Send us an email with your name and House of Worship
to connect with our committee and get more information

Reduce Food Waste at your House of Worship 


Check out this helpful resource guide to identify areas where your house of worship may generate food waste and how to reduce it.

And - don't forget to donate or compost what you can't prevent.

Prevent household food waste

View our webinar on food waste prevention to learn about tips to help you:

  • Shop smart

  • Smart Prep

  • Smart Storage

  • Smart Savings​

Or view the presentation here

Learn more about Food Waste Prevention


Watch and share our Food Waste Prevention Webinar

Contact us if you would like to host your own food waste prevention educational event or get more involved.


Check out our resource list for useful information and tools​ and add your own to our Idea Exchange

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