RAICA Energy Efficiency 20/21 Challenge

Postponed due to COVID19 - stay tuned

Click above to send us an email with your name and House of Worship to sign up or get more information

How does the 2020 Challenge work?

  • Any Rochester Area Faith Institution can enroll a team​ in the Challenge 

  • The House of Worship (facility) and/or any member households can enroll on a team

  • Teams compete to reduce their energy usage through efficiency measures, retrofits and upgrades

  • RAICA will provide support and local resources for each step of the challenge

  • Recognition will be awarded based upon a variety of categories including: team with the greatest total energy year over year reduction, team with the greatest year over year percentage reduction, team with the largest participation, team with greatest number of audits completed as well as individual awards

Tentative timeline for the Challenge

Download the contest flyer here

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