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Have You Ridden an Electric RTS Bus Yet?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A bus pulled up next to our car recently. I glanced out the window at it and saw the words ELECTRIC BUS and did a double take.

What's this? Tom Brede, Public Information Officer for RTS (Regional Transit Service), has the scoop.

Governor Cuomo has partnered with five cities in New York State, including Buffalo, Rochester and Albany, to achieve 25% of their buses emission-free by 2025, and 100% (about 255) emission-free by 2035. The vehicles are produced by New Flyer, a company that makes a variety of buses, including all electric and fuel cell-powered.

RTS now has 10 electric buses, and hopes to add 10 more late next year. The limiting rate for aquisition has been funding. Each diesel powered bus replaced with an electric one is estimated to be the equivalent of removing 197 personal vehicles. This is a huge boost for air quality, especially for city dwellers and frequent bus riders. Read the whole press release from Oct. 7, 2020 here.

For more information on the RTS bus fleet, click here .

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