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Community Solar Campaign Update

Community Solar push, submitted by Jim Tappon –

RAICA has been working with Ampion Energy since we started the Community Solar Campaign. We just received word that their solar fields are starting to get close to being filled up. What that means is that if you get signed up soon, you will be able to start receiving your locally generated solar electricity immediately. If you wait, you may be put on a waiting list until the next solar farm is completed and brought on line; they have not identified when that will be.


Ampion currently has 4 solar fields that support the Rochester RG&E territory- one is filled up and the other 3 are starting to get close to being filled up.

Some tips for successful signup:

1. Please use this enrollment link ONLY! . The referral code of RAICA will automatically be posted.

2. When enrolling only use your 5 digit zip code; do not add the additional 4 digits.

3. There are now 3 options for confirming payment methods:

a. ACH - bank routing number and account number are entered and Ampion will

make 2 micro-deposits and you will need to confirm the amounts of those deposits

to verify that the banking information is correct.

b. Plaid – this application will allow you log directly into your bank thru their secure site

and confirms that the account is yours (no micro deposits).

c. Stripe – this application will allow you to apply the charges to your credit card,

but credit card charges will be applied and you will not get the full 10% savings on

your credits.

When you sign up, you will need to be prepared with a couple items:

1. Your email address and be ready to create a secure password.

a. At least 8 characters – with at least 1 each of lower case letter, upper case letter,

number and special character (and a reminder that you will have to change that

password every 90 days).

2. Your RG&E account number; best to have a copy of your RG&E bill – upper right

corner of each page of the bill.

3. Your payment information – either banking information or credit card

information (see above for details on the payment options).

Please call if you have problems or questions –

RAICA: Jim Tappon (585) 255-0362; or Bill Bross (585) 924-5164

AMPION: Anthony Reggi or Ampion Help Desk (866) 244-7294

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