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Catch a bus to Albany on August 6

Did you catch the news about a rally on August 6 in Albany with NY2CL? If you missed it, you need to become a site member of RAICA. Click just below Rochester on our website. You'll get our emails, and there are no obligations.

If you haven't read the email, here is more information on New York Youth Climate Leaders (NY2CL)

and here is more information about the rally .

Liam Smith and the other climate leaders are chartering a bus from Rochester to Albany and back, so if you want a seat on the bus

please register with the RSVP link and indicate that you would like to take the bus down! Not only is it great to be driven straight to the event, but there's another reason to take the bus. If RAICA gets 10 individuals to go, we can become a cosponsor of this worthy event. RAICA would join others insisting our elected officials pass significant climate action from our state government (there was none this year) and also demanding the New York Teachers Retirement System divest from fossil fuels.

If you decide to go, please tell RAICA (scroll down to Contact us) and we will help you to find fellow climate leaders, young and old, to demonstrate that New Yorkers and their elected leaders cannot let global warming go unchecked.

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