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Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action 
at a Glance

A Bit of Background

The Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action is a group of individuals and organizations of faith in the Rochester metropolitan area seeking to create a meaningful response to Climate Change.  In doing so we acknowledge our common conviction to care for the earth and its people.   Working together we seek to share resources, leverage our strengths and magnify our positive impact.

Virtual Summit

Words of Spirit ; Ways of Action 

2020/21 Virtual Summit Series

The RAICA Summit has gone Virtual, because now more than ever it is important to keep the work of reversing climate change and strengthening our faith communities going. 

Beginning September 2020, each month we we will alternate between a short prerecorded video by a spiritual leader in our community and a workshop style webinar to share best practices and answer questions on a particular action that you or your faith community can take to reverse climate change.

View this month's and previous month's recordings below: