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Project Drawdown

The Pachamama Alliance offers two programs to focus on solutions and action (rather than problems and despair) and empower people in individual and collective engagement. 


The grounding of these programs is the work of Project Drawdown and the book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming

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The Rochester Area Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Ambassadors’ mission is to generate hope for the world, grounded both in awareness that global environmental catastrophe is now at hand and in knowing that real, effective climate solutions exist, with many now underway worldwide. With Project Drawdown as a guide, we inspire, motivate, and empower individuals and groups to learn, collaborate, and take action. Understanding the interconnectedness of all living beings as the foundation of these efforts, we hold to the Pachamama Alliance’s vision of a human presence on earth that is environmentally responsible, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling.  Our purpose is to support a collaborative, diverse, vibrant and empowered Greater Rochester community. 

Reversing Global Warming:  Introduction to Drawdown

This is a 2-hour in-person experience that invites you to see both the possibility of reversing global warming and that you have an important role to play in that process. Through videos and group activities, you’ll learn about a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming from Project Drawdown – a scientific study that identified 100 solutions that, together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050.  These solutions encompass the energy we use, the food we eat, and the cities we live in.  By the end you will see the vital role you can play in the movement to reverse global warming.


What it offers:

  • Learn about a comprehensive scientific study of 100 solutions that, together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050.

  • Connect with people in your community to find inspiration and discover new possibilities for addressing global warming

  • Learn how you can change the conversation about global warming from “game over” to “game on!”        

    The Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action Workshop

    This is a 4-session workshop that supports you in finding your unique contribution to reversing global warming, and getting into action with like-minded people in your community.  You will explore global warming solutions that interest you, based on the work of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive scientific study of 100 solutions that, together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050, and will discover opportunities to engage with them on a local level.  Through this experience you will see the possibility of reversing global warming, and will find opportunities to pursue that goal as part of a supportive community.


    What it offers:

    • Explore scientifically-based global warming solutions from Project Drawdown that excite you.

    • Discover the unique role you have to play in reversing global warming.

    • Develop skills to communicate effectively about reversing global warming

    • Develop a plan for getting into action with others in your local community

    Be part of a global community changing the conversation about global warming

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      Note that there is no cost for these programs. We are happy and grateful to spread this positive and empowering message wherever we are invited!

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