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Podcast recommendation: “The Evangelical Christians Take on Climate Change”

Lately, I have been listening to a popular environmental podcast called “How to Save a Planet” which features educational stories on a host of different topics related to climate change, including electric vehicles, gender equality, the grid, soil, even sheep!

I would highly recommend all of the episodes for any curious environmentalist, but one that struck me as relevant to RAICA’s work was entitled “The Evangelical Christians Take on Climate Change.”

It features an interview with a Christian climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, who discusses how she has been able to present information on climate change to her fellow Christians who might initially be skeptical. Her convincing tactics involve not just scientific facts but also using their common beliefs to show that the morals of their faith should compel them to take action against climate change.

Next, the hosts speak with a former Christian climate skeptic who believed that God would never allow climate change to be real until she had to write a paper about environmentalism for a college class. Now she is the leader of a sustainability club at her Christian university.

The podcast inspired me to know that it is possible to change people’s minds about climate change. Especially for individuals of faith who are driven by a desire to act for the good of the world, the decision to help the Earth and those most vulnerable to climate change should be a no-brainer. I hope this episode is an indication that the tide is turning and more and more people of different backgrounds are getting on board to tackle climate change.

Click here to access the episode on Spotify.

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