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Is your old fridge or freezer an energy hog?

Many freezers and refrigerators can last 15-20 years or longer but replacing them may make the most sense for you and the environment

Even though a consumer may have gotten their money’s worth out of an appliance purchase, you may be spending far more on electricity than the unit is worth. For instance, it is not uncommon for older model refrigerators and freezers to average $1 per day to operate. It is not always obvious when an older appliance has become an energy waster. But it is a safe bet that if a major appliance is more than 10 years old, there is an ENERGY STAR® replacement available that can save money over the long haul. Or you can find out how much your old refrigerator or freezer costs to operate and how much you can save by flipping it to ENERGY STAR with the EPAs Flip your Fridge Calculator

  • U.S. households have 44.5 million fridges over 10 years old, 12.7 million of which are secondary units, often in basements and garages. And some homes have three fridges! Many are in unconditioned space where they have to work harder.

  • 16.9 million household freezers are over 10 years old - that's 44 percent of all freezers.

  • Combined, the inefficient appliances above use $4.9 billion per year in energy costs.

Did you know that RG&E will pay you to replace your old fridge, freezers and air conditioners and even pick them up and dispose of them responsibly for free? Check it out here

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