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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Created by the Green Climate Action Team of the Mountain Rise United Church of Christ, Fairport NY

Things you can PERSONALLY do to support the growing movement to fight Climate Change::

1 Electricity: Use LED light bulbs – including Christmas lights, purchase high efficiency appliances, turn off computers, lights, TVs when not in use, hang clothes to dry when possible, wash clothes in cold water.

2 Water: Avoid watering lawns. Run full loads in washing machine/dishwasher. Install low-flush toilets, take short showers, use a dishwasher.

3 Food: Eat less meat starting with Meatless Mondays. Buy locally grown fruit and vegetables, compost garbage, start a garden.

4 Purchasing Habits: Use reusable shopping bags and backpacks. Learn to share items with others. Buy clothes that are made to last and repair torn clothes, if possible avoid synthetics. Consider repairing things that break. Buy locally as much as possible, join a Buy Nothing club. Try to buy as little plastic as possible. Use rechargeable batteries. Remember – Small is Beautiful!

5 Reduce Fossil Fuel Use: Get a home energy audit, install a programmable thermostat, winterize your home, replace your gas or oil furnace with a heat pump or install a geothermal unit. Purchase electric ranges and water heaters. Purchase a hybrid, or better yet an electric car. Reduce your air travel. If you have to fly, compensate your energy use with a donation to a group fighting climate change. Install solar panels on your roof or property or sign up for community solar in your area. Divest your investment portfolio of fossil fuel companies. Ride a bike and when possible use public transportation.

Things you can do at YOUR HOUSE OF WORSHIP:

6 Form a Climate Change action group run by members of your house of worship, and if members of your community wish to join, consider that possibility.

7 Get an energy audit and reduce your consumption of energy to heat, cool and light your building. Switch to renewable sources of energy.

8 Plan to have one event, on or after worship, that focuses on the climate change issue every three months.

9 If possible, plant trees on your property and/or start a vegetable garden or pollinator garden for use by your members and/or community. Do not use pesticides on your lawn or garden.

10 Work with other places of worship in your community on climate change education and action projects. Keep track of what the leaders of your faith are doing at the national level with regard to climate change. What are their polices and positions on this issue? Send delegates to local, state, and national meetings.

Things you can do in YOUR COMMUNITY:

11 Study and go to public lectures. The more you understand the issue of climate change, the more you can help.

12 Join a group in your community that is working on the climate change issue. If there are no groups – start one.

13 Join one of the many national organizations fighting climate change, such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, or the Environmental Defense Fund.

14 Join with others to create a climate change workshop. Bring in a guest speaker and open the event to the public.

15 Keep track of what your elected officials are doing, or not doing, about climate change and let them know how you feel about their proposals.

Submitted by Bill Bross

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