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An Invitation to Faith Communities by Dave Inglis

In the face of our global climate emergency, how can faith communities make environmental stewardship a meaningful, uniting faith practice in their life together?

The Creation Care Team of Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ) is inviting clergy and lay people to come together on Zoom to share practices that help our congregations more faithfully care for God’s Creation.

Join us on Zoom at 2:00 PM EST Tuesday, June 27 for an open conversation about what has worked, what resources have been helpful, what obstacles have presented themselves, and how we can help people shift from powerlessness to active, engaged hope, in faithful community together.

This event is free and open to people of all faiths and locations. Please share this invitation widely. Flier

To register, email Dave Inglis at with the message “Register me for June 27.” Please give your name and faith community.

In this time when people feel dispirited and powerless about the state of our Earth, we look forward to this opportunity to inspire, equip and empower communities of faith and people of faith to become part of the solution. Nothing generates hope like embodying it with other people. We hope you will join us to help inspire hope together.



Community Christian Church is a vibrant, forward-looking congregation that is affiliated with both the Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ denominations. People of all ages, races, abilities, socioeconomics, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations and expressions find a spiritual home in its warm embrace.

Its fledgling Creation care emphasis got sidelined by Covid. But it resumed with renewed energy this past winter, and engaged both old and young church members in a Lenten discipline of taking on a Creation care practice each week.

People wrote on cut-out leaves what their practice was, and the leaves were added to a Creation Care tree in the front of the

sanctuary every week. It was very gratifying to see the bare tree "green up" as the season progressed.

Other Creation care projects have included adopting and promoting community solar power, participating in community composting, distributing food for FoodLink, being a drop-off center for a community supported agriculture farm, changing to LED lighting, and having a Creation care emphasis for our summer Sunday School.

May's RAICA Climate Summit inspired the church's Creation Care Team to invite other congregations to come together by Zoom to share their experiences and ideas about how to make Creation care an integral part of their faith community's practice. This Zoom gathering will take place at 2:00 PM Tuesday, June 27 (see and share this flier: Creation Care for Faith Communities..pdf). To register, email Dave Inglis at and give your name and faith community.

The church is also inviting all faith communities and the wider community to attend a live in-person presentation on "Rethinking the American Lawn, by master gardener Megan Meyer. Megan has been a driving force in helping all of Monroe County convert lawn space from environmental dead zones into life-sustaining spaces for pollinators, birds, helpful insects, and other animals--while saving time and money.

This event will take place at Community Christian Church, 2647 Chili Ave., at 7:00 p,m. Wed., July 12. It will be preceded by a meatless potluck at 6:00 p.m. The event is free, but please make a reservation by emailing Dave Inglis at, stating your name and whether you plan to attend the potluck or just the program.

Community Christian Church's Creation Care Team is grateful to RAICA for inspiring them to up their game, and for connecting the faith communities in the Rochester areas so that we

all can keep inspiring each other.

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