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Climate Justice is Social Justice written by John Keevert, NYRenews and First Unitarian Church

New York Renews is pushing to keep our state at the front of the march against global warming.

Step one was to pass a legal mandate to eliminate fossil fuels. Done.

Step two is to fund the just transition.

As you may know, the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) does just that by raising $15 billion per year from corporate polluters and using it to create good, green jobs, invest in frontline communities, and build a renewable economy for New York State.

But the world doesn't know... yet. At this very moment, NY Renews, together with BK ROT,* are releasing a brand new video describing our vision for NY, the role of the CCIA, and why we need to #MakePollutersPay for a just transition for NY.


I think the video is really good and we think it can go viral. However, to do so, we need you to help share the video on social media today! Here are NYRenews posts on:

Thanks for any help you can give to make this go viral and put pressure on our legislators to make this happen in this session.

John Keevert

*BK ROT is a fossil fuel free composting service in New York City, powered by bikes.

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