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12 Green Gifts to Give Your True Love (and Everyone Else) for the Holidays. The Short Version

1. A copy of Drawdown.

In case you can't read it, the pink sticky note says,

Dear True Love,

Happy Holidays!

Yours Forever, on a Sustainable Planet.

Heart heart heart.

2. Membership or a donation to The Sierra Club, Moms Clean Air Force or Natural Resources Defense Council, among many others.

3. Reuseable containers or mugs to substitute for Styrofoam or single use plastics when taking home leftovers.

4. A year’s subscription to a compost service.

5. A tree seed or young tree to plant.

6. A vegetarian or vegan cookbook.

7. Warm sweater, socks, vest or blanket to wear in a chilly house. (Not microfiber fleece that is made out of plastic and adds tiny bits to the laundry water.)

8. A share in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

9. An electric car! Or city bus passes or a personal voucher for Uber/Lyft rides.

10. Cotton string shopping bags.

11. An invitation to attend your city or town council meeting to observe or to speak.

12. A ride to your favorite climate action meeting (RAICA? RPCC? CCL? Pachamama?) along with lunch or dinner.

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Jim  Tappon
Jim Tappon
Nov 14, 2019

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

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